Cuba shows encouraging results on HIV amid Covid-19

Cuba shows encouraging results on HIV amid Covid-19
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18 November 2021
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Cuba is currently showing heartening results on the fight against HIV/AIDS, based on the establishment of new labs and thus guaranteeing treatment for all patients suffering from the disease amid the Covid pandemic -19.

“Among the ways of HIV/AIDS contagion in Cuba are male-to-male sex,” according to Dr. Manuel Romero at the Havana Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Unit.

HIV/AIDS incidence in Cuba compared to the world´s is low, without exceeding 30,000 patients, said Mr. Romero, who also serves as head of the National Program for HIV/AIDS-Hepatitis Prevention and Control.

There was an increased number of cases globally (1.5 million), and luckily for Cubans the rate did not exceed 1,500 in 2020, said Romero in the previous activity for the HIV Response Day 2021, which will be held from December 1.

The number of Cuban patients with HIV is too low. 185 patients died in 2020 as a result of the disease, Romero reported.

¨We have worked too hard this year and managed to install three new laboratory platforms to roll out viral load analysis.¨

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Romero stated, no HIV patient was excluded from being treated, even ahead of some difficulty Cuba´s health authorities always guaranteed other formulas safe and adjusted to the updated pharmaceutical sector worldwide.



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