Cuba registers 581 attacks on representations abroad since 1959

Cuba registers 581 attacks on representations abroad since 1959
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17 May 2020
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Cuba documented 581 attacks against representations abroad since 1959, according to a compilation of the Center for Historical Investigations of State Security (Cihse) published today by the national press.

The document constitutes an irrefutable denunciation of the main attacks by the United States Government, its subversion and espionage agencies, and hired mercenaries, against the island's headquarters, particularly after the recent attack against the embassy in Washington on April 30 last.

According to the first installment of the selection, published by the Cubadebate portal, in 60 years damages against embassies, consulates, delegations and commercial offices, officials, homes and cars, artistic, sports and student representations are documented.

Aircraft and boats, airlines, travel and cargo agencies, civilian missions, including Cuban officials and their families, friendly institutions and supporters of the Revolution, as well as citizens of other nations with ties to Cuba, have also been the targets of attacks.

Cuban product brands and international exhibitions, among other spaces, also received damages.

According to Cihse, the actions compiled (1959-2018) left 365 people dead and 721 wounded in terrorist acts against representations located outside the Cuban air and maritime limits.

The document includes some of the most important events 'in a long history of attacks against the Cuban people, their vocation for human solidarity and their disinterested collaboration with other underdeveloped nations in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean,' he clarifies.

Among the selection highlights the assault on the Cuban consulate in New York on April 1, 1959, the explosion of the French steamship La Coubre on March 4, 1960, or the assault on the offices of the Cuban airline Aviation and the Habano Tobacco Propaganda and Defense Commission in Miami, on October 14, 1960.

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