Cuba proposes freestyle for cocktail competitions

Cuba proposes freestyle for cocktail competitions
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4 October 2023
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Robin Zayas, judge and a freestyle expert for cocktail competitions, stated that Cuba is seeking to implement the Flair or Freestyle method in this competition.

This innovation is being implemented in these contests worldwide, of which Cuba is often the venue.

Hundreds of young Cuban bartenders are trying to establish the Flair style or modality in all national cocktail competitions, so that it will be recognized in the country sooner rather than later, Zayas said.

The expert explained the reasons for attracting new Association of Cuban Bartenders (ACC) members to this style, which evokes magic, perfection, and attractiveness.

He noted the need to create a society or association of flair bartenders in Cuba, a style that has spread in the United States, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and France since the 1980s, from where more trained and specialized bartenders are coming.

Acrobatic bartending, as it is also called, consists of two styles. The former consist of working flair, which is a quick, light style that uses realistic moves that can be performed without slowing down service.

The latter is the so-called exhibition flair, which is a sort of show and entertainment in bars or competitions, and normally consists of routines of choreographed movements and lasts longer.

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