Cuba in Nairobi: Athletic Relevance behind Three Medals

Cuba in Nairobi: Athletic Relevance behind Three Medals
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23 August 2021
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We sometimes overlook our athletes’ performances. Or at least, we do not really appreciate certain results.

I will start by writing about the term efficiency, which has been notably highlighted in our sports delegations at the most recent sporting events. And I say it because these days, a five-athlete sports delegation is competing at the IAAF World Youth Championship held in Nairobi, Kenya. Three medals have been earned, one gold medal and two bronze medals, which set Cuba at the 4th place in the standings, behind the host nation (2-1-1), Ethiopia (1-2-1), and South Africa (1-1-0).

And we are not mentioning hammer thrower Ronald Menciá, who will be competing in the finals after his 74.98m throw in the qualifying round and the unfortunate disqualification of the 800m runner Daily Cooper, who would have gotten her ticket to the semifinals with 2:09:06s.

That is what I call the highest efficiency.

The second reason, but not the least, is that we are referring to three disciplines with poor results in recent times: men’s shot put, for instance, with Juan Carley Vázquez winning the gold medal with 19.73m.

Javelin thrower Yiselena Ballar met expectations and won the bronze medal (55.48m, not close to her PB), while sprinter Shainer Reginfo got the 100m flat competition to the spotlight in Cuba, by improving his 10.35s to 10.32s to win the bronze medal.

I say it because there is another variable: competitiveness, which along the psychological element, both are not easy to develop, especially in young athletes facing major competitions, amid the scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, which may have well paused their performing curve.

It is now up to us to continue improving these athletes and the others’ performance by polishing their talent and skills, monitoring their physical shape, strengthening their psyche, and let them compete in the upcoming events. Next stop, Cali’s Youth Pan American Games.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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