Cuba, Mexico to Talk about Migration Issues

Cuba, Mexico to Talk about Migration Issues
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17 June 2021
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Cuba and Mexico will virtually celebrate the 14th Round of Migratory Talks, as reported by Cuba´s Foreign Ministry (MINREX).


According to MINREX´s official website, the meeting will be presided over by the Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Gerardo Peñalver and the Mexican Undersecretary of Foreign Relations Maximiliano Reyes.


Both delegations will analyze the behavior of migration flow between the two countries and will exchange viewpoints on their respective policies on migration.


They will also reflect on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed bilaterally to guarantee a regular, orderly and safe migratory flow between both nations.


According to MINREX, with this meeting, Cuba and Mexico ratify their commitment to continue working together to strengthen cooperation in this area and to make the irregular migration confrontation much more effective.

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