Cuba to host World Meeting of Dancers and Dance Academies

Cuba to host World Meeting of Dancers and Dance Academies
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17 November 2023
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The 17th World Meeting of Casino and Salsa Dancers and Dance Academies will be held in this capital from November 19 to 24, and will be dedicated to Enrique Jorrín.

According to the organizing committee, the tribute to the creator of the cha cha chá is a propitious way to promote that musical genre, which has been declared Cuban Cultural Heritage, Cubadebate reported. The event will be sponsored by the Paradiso Cultural Tourist Agency and organized by the Clave Cubana, Musicalia, Comercial Lauros, and Soy Cubano agencies, and the record label Bis Music, which are attached to ARTex, Promociones Artísticas y Literarias.

The program of the event consists of casino workshops, master classes by professors from Instituto Superior de Arte and Escuela Nacional de Arte, the performance of highly popular orchestras and, especially, the emblematic “Orquesta Aragón,” an iconic band in Cuban culture.

Pachito Alonso, Cristian y Rey, Yumurí y sus Hermanos, and Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco will be among the top orchestras in the concerts.

Once again Havana, designated as a UNESCO Creative City in the category of music, will host a meeting of dancers of Cuban rhythms from several countries to make their dream come true by dancing in Cuba and, at the same time, become promoters of Cuba’s identity.

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