Cuba to host Early Caribbean History Workshop

Cuba to host Early Caribbean History Workshop
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11 June 2024
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The city of Holguin will hold on April 6, 2025 the first Workshop on Archeology and Early History of the Caribbean, the only one of its kind in the country, with the aim of delving into the life and customs of Cuban aboriginal population.

Hiram Pérez Concepción, president of the provincial chapter of the Union of Cuban Historians (UNHIC), said that the workshop, to be attended by Cuban and foreign researchers in addition to community members, will address topics such as food habits, changes in settlement patterns, introduction of plants and animals, and transculturation.

He also stressed the relevance of this event with a view to both the socialization of information on these issues and the study of the main features of the economy and the worldview of the Caribbean peoples and their interaction with other regional tribes.

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