A Cuba hay que quererla (Cuba Must Be Loved) … more than just a song

A Cuba hay que quererla (Cuba Must Be Loved) … more than just a song
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17 August 2021
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Cuban singer-songwriter Raul Torres has been singing that song for a while: A Cuba hay que quererla (Cuba Must Be Loved) … In these difficult times, that song has turned into willpower, solidarity, and determination. The love of Cuban men and women who have joined the project led by the author of the song Cabalgando con Fidel (Riding along Fidel) has touched first a shelter for children without parental protection in Matanzas and now the Manuel Fajardo Hospital in Havana.

Raulito stated he is happy with people’s response to the initiative to support the efforts of the government and Cuba’s health care system in the fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic: “it does not stop. A lot of people keep on writing me as they want to contribute as well and will not stop,” stated Raúl Torres Sunday morning after he delivered 19 boxed packed with toiletries, cleaning supplies, face masks, bleach, antibacterial gel, among other goods.

According to reports, among donors we can find individuals in their personal capacity and pensioners from the surrounding areas of the hospital. Besides, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Miramar Business Center, the FAR’s Military Constructions, MINREX, AICROS Company from the Ministry of Construction, the musical band Corazones de Fuego, medicine students from the Medicine School in the same hospital, the project Puentes de Amor and neighborhoods from the community joined the project.

“The humbleness and sacrifice of our health personnel have deeply moved all of us. So much sacrifice inspires you,” these are the reasons why the private worker Edelmis Morán decided to pause her already hired work with her construction brigade and began the renovation works for free in the areas directly relevant to the intensive care units.

Tamara Dovale, worker at ETECSA (Cuban Telephone Company), donated paint and got down to work along with a representation of the project Puentes de Amor to embellish some premises of the hospital. The diplomat Amado Riol has contributed with the gathering and organization of the donations, and the Secretary-General of the PCC in the area joined the idea with great optimism and stated that she and her comrades will be there to do whatever is needed.

The fact is that everything is important in this battle for life, everyone counts. There is only one immovable, iron truth that unites and saves us all: Cuba must be loved and our hearts must be put at the service of the nation.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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