Cuba determined to confront the subversive work of the U.S.

Cuba determined to confront the subversive work of the U.S.
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25 October 2021
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Havana, October 25 (RHC)--Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced that the U.S. embassy on the island is playing a growing role in the efforts of political subversion and ratified the determination to confront that aggressive work.

On Twitter,  the Foreign Minister pointed out that the behavior of the U.S. representation is 'provocative and in violation of the Vienna Convention,' which dictates that diplomats must respect the laws of the country where they are accredited and refrain from passing judgments on its internal affairs.

On Sunday,  the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Miguel Díaz-Canel, pointed out that U.S. officials frequently meet with leaders of the counterrevolution, to whom they provide guidance, encouragement, logistical and financial support.

'In their communication platforms, including social media, they issue daily offensive statements that constitute open meddling in the island's internal affairs,' he said at the closing of the Second Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the PCC.

Diaz-Canel noted how the U.S. embassy seeks information to defame Cuba on human rights, democracy, and social contradictions.

'They intend to identify and promote leaders, especially young people, to prepare them abroad,  to use them to promote their anti-socialist, pro-capitalist and neo-liberal ideas,' he stressed.

Likewise, he emphasized that several representatives of the White House insist on their declarations in social networks to maintain accusations against the Caribbean nation.

In addition, he said that these efforts to try to subvert the order in Cuba are not new but have been present since the establishment of the U.S. Interests Section in 1977.

"In the face of these behaviors, we will not stand idly by; we have the determination to confront it through means such as public denunciation; we have powerful tools: unity, discipline, approved work strategies, organization, and ideological clarity," remarked Diaz-Canel.

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