Cuba Before the Covid-19: Praise of the Anonymous Worker

Cuba Before the Covid-19: Praise of the Anonymous Worker
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13 April 2020
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Doctors, nurses and their support staff are (and they will certainly be) examples of dedication and commitment in these days of health contingency. They cannot stay home. But they are not the only ones.

Many workers must continue their work so that the country can guarantee its stability in this crisis. Tens of thousands of people who must leave their homes very early in the morning taking all precautions, so that thousands more can follow the recommendation of staying home in these circumstances.

The best way to praise this essential contribution is to abide the most basic citizen duty right now: to protect yourself and others. Social distancing should not be assumed as an option. It’s a responsibility. In order to do it effective, some people need to keep lending their services.

Because food distribution must go on, because each family must have a stable supply of basic products... those who work at malls, stores and markets must go to work.

Because it’s necessary to produce the food that people need, there are lands to tilt and harvest, there are fowls to take care of... thousands of peasants and workers in the agricultural sector are still on the fields.

Because the manufacture of basic needs cannot be stopped, because they must be distributed throughout the country ... dozens of factories are still operational.

Because several people have an urgent need to move within the city, to go to their workplaces or due to different emergencies ... bus and taxi drivers are still rolling on the streets.

Because we all need protection and safety, because abiding the law and the circumstantial requirements is crucial... the police must be on the streets every day.

Because the people need accurate and timely information, because programming must be kept in the media... journalists, editors, technicians, photographers and cameramen must go to their newsrooms and studios.

Because research and tests are needed to find alternatives to current health demands... scientists are still working.

And the pharmacists. And garbage collectors. And those who generate electricity and those who work on the maintenance of electrical or telephone lines. And the workers of the water supply system. And those who sell chlorine. And the bakers who make bread...

If you can work from home, stay home. If you are not working and were relocated, stay home. If you have to care for your young children, stay home. It's your duty.

Others fulfill theirs without expecting recognition. Out of a pure sense of responsibility and dignity. Because the country needs it.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / Cubasi Translation Staff


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