Cuba commits to integration of economic actors, says Díaz-Canel

Cuba commits to integration of economic actors, says Díaz-Canel
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30 May 2024
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The Revolutionary Government will continue to promote the integration of all economic actors, which are the cornerstone for development and progress towards the welfare of the people, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said on Wednesday.

On X, he reaffirmed that the measures announced on Tuesday by the U.S. government concerning Cuba are limited, restrictive and do not touch the basic body of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposedon Cuba for over 60 years, nor the other sanctions.

The United States does not eliminate or even change the coercive measures that affect the Cuban economy and public services the most, which today severely damage the well-being of the entire population, the Cuban leader stated.

Díaz-Canel denounced that the intention to target these measures to a segment of the population is evidence of their historic intention to fracture unity among Cubans.

The concern for the development of Cuba´s non-state sector is not genuine, he stressed, adding that it responds to a subversive design, outlined in known strategies, which contemplates the manipulation and use of this sector as a potential agent of change.

As long as the tightened blockade remains in force and unchanged, criminally affecting all the Cuban people, the United States will not be able to free itself from the world condemnation of this genocide without bombs that seeks to wipe out Cuba’s admirable resistance, he stressed.

In an official statement, Cuba´s Foreign Ministry (MINREX) informed about provisions announced by the U.S. government to put into effect its announcements of May 16, 2022.

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