Cuba aims at having its first geopark

Cuba aims at having its first geopark
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25 March 2024
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A geopark is a territory that treasures spots of geological relevance as well as ethnographic, ecological, landscape and cultural importance, highlighted for its sustainable development.

Overall, they are recognized as UNESCO World Geoparks, which are also distinguished by their holistic concept of protection and environmental education.

By raising awareness among citizens about the importance of the geological heritage of each area, UNESCO World Geoparks ensure that their residents take pride in the region they inhabit and foster their sense of belonging.

From the income resulting from geotourism, the creation of innovative local companies, new jobs and high-quality training courses are stimulated, while protecting and increasingly knowing the geological resources of the place.

Currently, there are 195 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 48 countries.

And the Viñales area in Pinar del Río aims at joining this prestigious network of geoparks, precisely with the help of UNESCO.

The above was reported by the Ministry of Tourism, which also reported on the holding of a seminar organized for this purpose by authorities from the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the United Nations agency, where experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Environment, and Heritage as well as from other entities were also involved.

The Ecovida research center, winner of a UNESCO advisory scholarship to implement this unique project, manages the Viñales Geopark.

In the Viñales National Park area, 57 geosites have been identified: 10 of international interest; 23 of national interest, 18 regional and six of local relevance.

One of its most renowned sites is the Valle de Viñales, which proudly holds the status of National Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Center.

(Reports from PL and UNESCO)

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff 

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