Colombia begins incoming and outgoing government transition

Colombia begins incoming and outgoing government transition
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29 June 2022
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Bogota, Jun 29 (Prensa Latina) The first transition meeting between the incoming government of President-elect Gustavo Petro and the outgoing government of Ivan Duque takes place at the Casa de Nariño, Colombia's seat of government, on Wednesday

The Transportation, Commerce and Public Function sectors occupy the day’s agenda, headed by Constanza Garcia, Maria Fernanda Valdes and Cesar Manrique, respectively, according to a press release from the president-elect’s press team.

The transition meetings will begin after the 23 teams headed by people delegated by Petro, plus 10 others in charge of gathering information on transcendental issues for the incoming government, are set up.

On Tuesday, Gustavo Petro’s transition team met in Bogota to finalize the details and protocols for this first transition meeting.

During the June 19 runoff, Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, of the Historical Pact alliance, won with 11,292,758 votes, while Rodolfo Hernandez and Merelen Castillo, of the League of Anticorruption Leaders, obtained 10,604,658 votes.

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