Cohiba earns prestige with contribution to Cuba's public health

Cohiba earns prestige with contribution to Cuba's public health
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10 September 2022
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 The auction of two unique humidors for the 55th anniversary of Cohiba cigars raised 12,800 euros. These proceeds will be destined for Cuba's public health system.

The auction took place at the closing gala of the celebrations organized by Habanos S.A. to mark the anniversary of its most prestigious and symbolic brand of Cuban cigars.

Some 650 cigar aficionados, cigar professionals, and national and international media from 43 nations were on hand for the auction.

The content of both humidors, designed exclusively for the occasion, was filled with vitolas made entirely by hand and by the best cigar rollers in the country.

The co-presidents of the Habanos S.A. corporation, Inocente Nuñez, and Luis Sánchez Harguindey ratified the excellent health and prestige enjoyed by Cuban cigars, particularly Cohiba, a benchmark among premium cigars in the world.

Both executives thanked the presence of participants who accompanied the people who,  from the furrow to the factory,  make possible the marketing and distribution of Cohiba cigars in more than 150 countries on the five continents.

Habanos S.A. thanked the creators of the auctioned humidors, luxurious works of art, for their artistry and dedication,  and acknowledged the institutions that helped these two pieces increase their value with their contribution to Cuba's public health.

During the ceremony, with performances by renowned Cuban artists and groups, the 2020 and 2021 Habano Awards winners in communication, business, distribution, and production were also announced.

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