Chinese city in contingency after detecting Covid-19 cases

Chinese city in contingency after detecting Covid-19 cases
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15 September 2020
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The city of Ruili, in southwest China, is currently undertaking contingency measures after two immigrants from Myanmar, who crossed the border illegally, were detected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Ruili authorities put the entire population in quarantine, people have been forbidden from entering or leaving the city, and those who traveled from there before Saturday were called to report their health condition to the communities where they arrived.

Massive tests will be performed to track people infected, after border points are closed and a campaign to discover illegal immigrants is carried out.

The Beijing Embassy in the neighboring country contacted the Government in order to reinforce the epidemiological surveillance in the border areas and people with plans to travel to China.

Ruili and Hong Kong are the only towns in China affected by the coronavirus, as the country maintains its spread controlled and has been free of local infections for 30 days.

So far, China accumulates at least 4,742 deaths and 90,718 cases of the disease.


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