China's domestic tourism shrinks 61 percent in 2020

China's domestic tourism shrinks 61 percent in 2020
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20 February 2021
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Beijing, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) China reported a year-on-year decrease of 61 percent in the income received from domestic tourism in 2020, as the reactivation of the socioeconomic system was accompanied by restrictions to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks.
According to official statistics, the country only raised more than two billion yuan (345 billion dollars) in a sector, which along with consumption, is a considerable key factor in the growth of the Chinese economy.

It also reported on the slump of 52.1 percent in the travel industry, as citizens made 2.8 billion trips to sites of recreational, cultural or historic interest.

Since May, China has been seeking to completely revive domestic tourism, without neglecting the epidemiological control.

The country basically neutralized Covid-19 and so far it has accumulated 4,842 deaths and 101,624 cases of the disease in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

In addition, some 338 asymptomatic patients are under medical surveillance.

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