China confident of Beijing-2022 success despite Western boycott

China confident of Beijing-2022 success despite Western boycott
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9 December 2021
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Beijing, December 9 (PL)-- China reaffirmed its confidence in successfully hosting the Beijing-2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, despite the fact that more countries joined the United States in launching a diplomatic boycott against the event.

Wang Wenbin, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, dismissed a domino effect from the absence of dignitaries from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom because a large number of rulers and members of royal families had registered to attend the event's galas.

"China is not only confident that it will not make a chain reaction, but it perceives overwhelming support from the world for the games (...) No matter whether officials come or not, they will see the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics," he said, assuring that his country never extended invitations to Washington, Ottawa, London and Canberra.

According to Wang, the Asian giant is determined to contribute to the sporting cause and will offer an event with great "coverage, safe and exciting."

However, he reiterated rejection of the politicization of the event and promised countermeasures in response to the diplomatic boycott, applied under the argument that Beijing committed alleged genocide, established re-education camps and abuses the ethnic groups of the Uyghur autonomous region in Xinjiang.

Although the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia took that step, they will allow their national athletes to participate.

China has repeatedly denied accusations of alleged abuse in Xinjiang, with a strong Muslim presence, and predicted the failure of a campaign aimed at politicizing the competitions, which will make its capital the only city in the world to host both variants of the international competition after hosting the summer version in 2008.

On his side, the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, called not to use the multisport event to heat up global tensions and reminded that the attendance of athletes is a matter agreed upon by the entire world community.

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