Chilean President calls for end to US blockade against Cuba

Chilean President calls for end to US blockade against Cuba
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28 October 2022
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Santiago de Chile, Oct 28 (RHC) Members of the Chilean trade union, and political and social organizations signed a letter addressed to President Gabriel Boric, where they ask him to make diplomatic efforts to achieve the end of the U.S. blockade against Cuba.

The letter recalls that the Caribbean country has been supportive and generous with the people of Chile in the face of various catastrophes, as when after the 2010 earthquake it sent two emergency hospitals that were installed in Rancagua and Chillán to attend to the victims.

This small island, blocked for more than 60 years by the largest power on the planet, trained free of charge more than 400 Chilean doctors whom today serve in our hospitals and clinics, says the text signed by members of the Bicentennial Union of the Peoples-Chile Chapter.

The organization denounces that the United States continues to apply different variations of its Monroe Doctrine, America for the Americans.

The letter asks the president to condemn intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states and to demand respect for the United Nations Charter and international law. (Source: PL)

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