Chile begins first day of voting for Constituent Convention

Chile begins first day of voting for Constituent Convention
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15 May 2021
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Santiago de Chile, May 15 (RHC)-- Chile begun on Saturday the first day of elections in which almost 15 million people will elect those in charge of drafting the new Constitution, governors, mayors and councilors.

According to the information provided by the Electoral Service (Servel), voting centers openedat 8 a.m. (local time) of the 46,087 polling stations defined throughout the country,

During the two days of voting -- Saturday and Sunday -- the more than 14.9 million people qualified to vote will have to choose among 16,730 candidates, the 155 members of the convention that will draft the new Constitution, 16 governors, 345 mayors and 2,252 councilmen of the 346 municipalities of the country.

Chilean authorities invited citizens to vote and to observe strict biosecurity measures to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They also set up a special timetable for those over 60 years of age to cast their vote, in an attempt to reduce the possibility of contagion.

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