Buena Fe thanks Cuba for its support in the face of events in Spain

Buena Fe thanks Cuba for its support in the face of events in Spain
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28 May 2023
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Israel Rojas, leader of the Cuban group Buena Fe, expressed his gratitude to Cuba on Friday for the affection and support given during his tour in Spain, threatened by reactionary sectors of the island's emigration.

Rojas expressed gratitude to his people through an audio message sent to singer-songwriter and congressman Eduardo Sosa.

"We are physically and mentally well, we are absolutely convinced that we will fulfill our artistic commitments here, not for economic reasons, but essentially for reasons of dignity," Rojas said.

He expressed that what has been done by that counterrevolution allied with the most ultra-right sectors of the Iberian nation is something he had not seen before.

"Since 2006 we visited Spain, and with pain we say that these people are emboldened, they want to represent the Cuban emigration in Europe, something that is absolutely false because they love their people, respect their culture and protect their artists," he commented.

Rojas considered that if that ultra-right tendency wins, they will then go after other creators, promoters and owners of the venues with blackmail and extortion, with that mafia-like practice that tries to boycott and suspend the activity of the artists of the Caribbean island.

He also called attention to the attempts to damage that necessary, absolutely organic cultural exchange that Cuba has with Spain, the rest of Europe and other parts of the world.

"We cannot allow these unintelligent, uneducated and vulgar practices to settle in Cuban culture, in the heart of our nation. A hug to all, long live culture, love and music," said the performer.

And he ended with the commitment to complete the tour and return to the homeland without waiting for recognition, because he does what any good and worthy Cuban would do, think about his art and defend it.

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