Brazil´s PF Show Evidence Bolsonaro´s Involvement in Coup Attempt

Brazil´s PF Show Evidence Bolsonaro´s Involvement in Coup Attempt
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18 February 2024
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Releasing that former President Jair Bolsonaro had transferred USD,000 before traveling to the United States in 2022, in anticipation of the coup attempt, has come to light in Brazil this week.

An investigation conducted by the Federal Police (PF) showed those questioned “expected there was still a possibility of a coup” and they were aware of the illegal acts committed.

Bolsonaro´s passport was confiscated during the so-called Operation Tempus Veritatis (“Hour of Truth”), carried out on February 8.

The PF investigation referred that “some of the investigated people left the country by withdrawing all their resources invested in national financial institutions and transferring them to the United States in order to protect themselves from an eventual criminal prosecution set to investigate into the illicit acts”.

The law enforcement document, sent to the Federal Supreme Court, mentioned that in the USD$160,000 transferred by Bolsonaro may be included money from the embezzlement of assets of high patrimonial value delivered by foreign authorities, as in the case of jewelry gifted by Saudi Arabia to the Brazilian government.

“It is evidenced that the then president Jair Bolsonaro, at the end of his term, transferred all his assets and financial resources to the United States with the purpose of guaranteeing his position from abroad, possibly waiting for the coup attempt to be successful,” the PF stresses.

After the financial transfer, Bolsonaro was left with a negative balance in his savings account in Brazil.

Such a value was subsequently covered by resources withdrawn by him from an investment fund. The police text does not reveal how much the ex-military officer kept in that reserve.


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