Brazilians are asked to vote safely in elections

Brazilians are asked to vote safely in elections
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29 November 2020
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Brasilia, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Luis Roberto Barroso, called to vote safely, wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance in the second round of municipal elections today in Brazil.
'Once again, I come to ask all voters: do not stop voting. Help write this second and last chapter of the 2020 elections. Also, vote conscientiously. You will decide your future, that of your children and of this country. Do not give your destiny to others,' said Barroso.

He explained that the health security plan created by the court was respected in the first round and guaranteed tranquility to the 113 million voters who went to the polls.

For Barroso, the level of abstention, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, was low and it was possible to 'successfully harmonize democracy and the health of the population.'

He thanked the more than two million electoral officials who assisted in the electoral process this year.

The most bitter dispute will be for the election of mayor of Sao Paulo between the current occupier of the position, right-wing center Bruno Covas, and the leftist leader and former presidential candidate, Guilherme Boulos.

About 39 million people will exercise their right to vote in this second round to elect mayors in 57 Brazilian cities (18 of which are state capitals).

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