Biden, Sick?

Biden, Sick?
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19 October 2021
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Several media, in their conferences at the White House, have been asking the same question about the President's health.

This Sunday, Nueva York newspaper confirms that it repeats in all his meetings.

That publication reports that Biden's critics question the state of physical and mental health of the president to remain in office.

This has caused unpleasantness in the White House.

Most recently, NBC News Kelly O'Donnell asked his repeated question regarding Biden's health.

However, there are other journalists who ask the same thing, such as Brian Karem, a CNN political analyst, who asked to know about the president's medical results.

Spokesperson Jen Psaki replied that he would have a medical exam, adding that O'Donnell asked about it "all the time."

A CNN analysis last August noted that in 2020, Republicans and Trump tried to make Biden's state of mind a major issue.

The report quoted:

"Although the issue was largely debatable during the campaign, Republicans continue to raise questions about Biden's mental health."

At the same time, the Republican Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, took up the issue and insisted that Biden's handling of the crisis in Afghanistan was reason to consider his removal under the 25th Amendment, which is applied due to the incapacity of the president.

The New York newspaper points out that there’s no date to know the results of the president's medical report, although a delay would bring advantages to his critics.

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