Art Instructor Brigade Jose Marti to celebrate a new anniversary

Art Instructor Brigade Jose Marti to celebrate a new anniversary
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15 May 2024
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Twenty years after its creation, my brigade is still here is the slogan that accompanies the Jose Marti Art Instructor Brigade (BJM), which is about to celebrate a new anniversary and ratifies its commitment to continue bringing culture to every part of the country.

The importance of this brigade was remarked by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro at the beginning of this initiative on October 20, 2004, when he referred to the role of instructors not only in the strengthening of Cuban culture, but also as ambassadors of the revolutionary ideals.

Since that date, the Brigade's objective is not only to bring art to every place, but also to educate, transmit values and carry out social work in the different communities, with the idea of transforming society.

Through culture, this group of creators has reached spaces such as prisons, oncology wards and homes for children without parental care, where joy and art can make a difference in the lives of people in these institutions.

The work of the art instructors has gone beyond Cuban borders and countries such as Venezuela, through the Corazon Adentro Culture Mission, are participants in the work of this brigade to transform and educate through different artistic manifestations.

At present, they face the challenge of taking art to the whole country, despite the difficulties caused, among other aspects, by the economic crisis in which the nation has to deal with, and one of the ideas presented at their assembly, which took place May 7-9 in Havana, was the creation of strategies for the work to continue in the communities.

With almost 20 years of existence, the Jose Marti Art Instructor Brigade is an example of commitment to the Revolution and society.

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