Army General Raul Castro paid tribute to Cuba's historic leader

Army General Raul Castro paid tribute to Cuba's historic leader
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26 November 2022
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Army General Raul Castro paid tribute Friday in Santiago de Cuba to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on the sixth anniversary of his death.

In the patrimonial cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, the Cuban revolutionary leader also paid tribute to the heroes Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the initiator of the independence struggle; Mariana Grajales, known as Mother of the Homeland, and the National Hero, José Martí.

Later, Raul Castro participated in a workshop aimed at developing and strengthening the attention to the populations living in the mountainous massif, in the eastern part of the country, reported national television.

The meeting also addressed the need to increase the combat capacity in a scenario of unconventional warfare, the actions to confront crimes and illegalities, and the peculiarities of the work in the 226 defense zones created in that region.

At the end of the meeting, the Army General shared with the participants anecdotes and experiences of the guerrilla struggle and the different stages of the revolution.

He also ratified "his conviction that today, as in other moments of national history, it is up to us to move forward with our own efforts", and he also highlighted the role of the military industry as a support to the country's economy.

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