Armed Attack on Guatemala's President and His Entourage

Armed Attack on Guatemala's President and His Entourage
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30 July 2022
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According to the authorities, the president was unharmed, but there were injuries.

The president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, managed to escape unharmed after suffering an armed attack on Saturday while he was travelling through the department of Huehuetenango, located in the northwestern part of the Central American country.


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According to the radio station Sonora es la Noticia (SN), the armed attack was against the head of state and his entourage, and although no details have been revealed, several people are reported to have been wounded.

Likewise, the attack against the president was perpetrated in the village of La Laguna in Jacaltenango, located in Huehuetenango, "the army responded to the attack, wounding and capturing a Mexican", according to the local Guatemalan radio station.

"Armed commando flees to Mexico where the army of the neighbouring country pursues and captures four Guatemalans", explained the local radio station.

Although the presidential press office has not reported the incident, the group of journalists accompanying the head of state affirms that he is safe and that the perpetrators of the incident are not known at the moment.

"We (the journalists accompanying the president) are doing well and went to the first activity (...) we are on our way back to Guatemala City", reported journalist Brenda Larios.

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