Argentina ratifies position on U.S. candidacy to lead IDB

Argentina ratifies position on U.S. candidacy to lead IDB
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18 July 2020
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Argentina's Foreign Minister Felipe Sola ratified his country's position with respect to the United States' current aspiration to preside over the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which has always been led by a representative from Latin America.

Just as President Alberto Fernandez did in recent days, Sola pointed out that this nation proposed Gustavo Beliz as the southern country's candidate for that position and stressed that they maintain their position with respect to the U.S. proposal by adding that 'the IDB was born in 1959 to be in Washington, but to be led by a Latin American.'

In this regard, he stressed that Mauricio Claver-Carone's proposal for this position is not questioned from the technical point of view, but from the political point of view, because it expresses the hardest wing of the ideologicalization of the United States' policy towards America.

In a videoconference organized by the University of Buenos Aires, the Argentine president referred a few days ago to the issue by pointing out the role of the United States and how it broke the UNASUR (South American Union of Nations) to create ProSur.

Now they are after the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), he said on that occasion.

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