Argentina: President Fernandez Prohibits Layoffs for 60 Days

Argentina: President Fernandez Prohibits Layoffs for 60 Days
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2 April 2020
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The measure seeks to preserve social peace and avoid unilateral actions by employers.

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez Tuesday published a decree that prohibits the layoffs and suspensions of workers for 60 days. This decision is part of a package of measures aimed at sustaining economic activity amid mandatory quarantine.


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More specifically, the decree prohibits dismissals without just cause, dismissals for lack or reduction of work, and dismissals due to force majeure.

"The dismissals and suspensions that violate the provisions of this norm will not produce any effect. The existing labor relations and their current conditions will remain in force."

"It is essential to guarantee jobs for a reasonable period to preserve social peace. This will only be possible if the emergency is dealt with through social dialogue at all levels and not through unilateral measures," the decree states as one of the reasons for that prohibition.

"Argentina's Foreign Ministry coordinated the return of 121 doctors who were in different cities in Europe. They wanted to be in the country to take care of us. After complying with the mandatory quarantine, they will join the fight against COVID-19. Welcome."

Until Wednesday, Argentina registered 1,054 positive cases of COVID-19 and 27 deaths. The average age of infected patients is 68 years, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Fernandez administration has ordered that the mandatory quarantine be extended until April 12 inclusive.

This measure implies that all citizens should remain in their homes unless they carry out essential tasks or have to buy basic supplies.

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