Amanda Ramos was born a teacher

Amanda Ramos was born a teacher
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26 December 2022
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Do you believe in predestination? Well, I totally do. And if I had any doubt, Amanda certainly erased it from my mind. I asked her why she had been for so long in front of a classroom. “Well, I was born December 22,” she answered me back while checking all Math notebooks piled up on her desk.

I met her first time when my son was one of those lucky students she has had under her wings providing them with love and rigor at the same time. In fact, she is the reason why the Head of the Municipal Directorate of Education in Plaza de la Revolucion municipality suggested me to register my children at the Abel Santamaría elementary school. I needed a great teacher and she was there. 

"I want to interview you for the Teachers’ Day," I asked her. "It will be simple. Just tell me, for example, why do you get up early every day to come to school in the midst of so many difficulties? Why don't you quit?" She looks up again and looks at me with a face of "obvious questions do not need to be answered.” She smiles and reminds me that the classroom is not only her job, it is her life. It is that place where, incredibly, she manages to unplug from personal problems.

The best of teachers’ army of educators, as I always tell her, is an absolutely modest person: "you know me, put words to it," she challenges me. She rather not talk about herself. She will not say a word about those students, from 20 years ago, who remember her how she taught them to read and write. Or young teachers who “stick to her” to feed from her vast experience. Or when the name of reference teacher is needed, her name pops up promptly. Everyone, boys and girls love her very much.

And do not, there is no need she talks about herself. It is true I know her. I know she prefers the Math, but she teaches with excellence all subjects, as well as human values and feelings. She is always formally dressed up and goes from 10 de Octubre municipality to El Vedado, full of books, notebooks, and class materials to work.

I could say she is one-of-a-kind teacher. But I rather say she is the dreamed teacher and we need to multiply her example.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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