50 Cuban pesos of human sensitivity

50 Cuban pesos of human sensitivity
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21 January 2024
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The old woman was standing two people ahead of me in the line and that is why I saw firsthand the shaking in her hands when she was looking for her wallet in her handbag. She was trying to find the money to complete what she was aiming to buy, while the product was still on the scale.

The young seller raised his eyebrow in light of the delay. Afterwards, he crossed his arms waiting, as cold as the frozen chicken itself, for the old lady who was still seeking for the non-existent money in her handbag.

Others in the line started to grow impatient. But no one did anything. Finally, the woman shook her head staring at the man behind the counter. Her face expression, more than a begging, showed a profound sadness and embarrassment.

I was able to stop the seller before he removed the chicken from the scale and gave him the missing money.

But the many other things that were missing in him and in those people who witnessed those heartbreaking minutes, I think I will no longer be able to right them.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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