Havana Hosts Mayo Teatral 2016 Festival

Havana Hosts Mayo Teatral 2016 Festival
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13 May 2016
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"El Quijote no existe" will be the first piece to be performed to the public at the capital's Adolfo Llaurado hall, in Vedado neighborhood.

It was conceived from a contemporary perspective to the life of the famous literary character and its author, Miguel de Cervantes.

Written by renowned Argentine-Chilean playwright, Jorge Diaz Gutierrez, performed and directed by Manuel Chapuseaux, "El Quijote no existe" is an exciting reflection and denunciation about art and mercantilism of the Gayumba theater company, which turns 40 years on stage.

For its parts, this season is celebrating 50 years of the founding of Colombian's La Candelaria theater company. This group is a reference for the area, in honor of which Camilo is staged.

The play is a collective creation on the work carried by Camilo Torres, renowned Colombian priest, sociologist and guerrilla fighther, articulated as of performance, dance, video and live music.

Organized by Casa de las Americas, and dedicated to the theater group and its relevance to the contemporary Latin American prosceniums,the event brings together several national and international groups to be performed in the Cuban capital and in the provinces of Villa Clara and Cienfuegos, center of the country.



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