Isaac Delgado Records at EGREM and Prepares New Concert

Isaac Delgado Records at EGREM and Prepares New Concert
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1 July 2014
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Popular musician Isaac Delgado will record with EGREM Company a CD-DVD that gathers several hits from his prior career published the website

With this new album the Chevere of Salsa will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his musical band, besides one-time gig in Artemisa municipality next July 19th. This concert is included among the several activities scheduled by EGREM this summer.

Cubans who follow and enjoy Isaac's career remember him for some of his more popular hits like "Necesito una amiga", "Que pasa loco", “No me mires a los ojos” or "Ella es un reloj", or his performance of "La vida es un carnaval" which became a true exponent of the boom of Cuban salsa.

In March 2013 responding an invitation made by Silvio Rodríguez to join him singing at the Tamarindo neighborhood in Havana, Isaac Delgado stated to the press, "Cuba is something really big, it’s in the blood, in the feelings, spiritually artists are moved in the inside to compose because being in your homeland is the most important thing a creator can have."

"Everything I have done in my career, my training has been here. That’s why I am so happy being here to sing to my people, my town, so from now Que sera sera", said the artist while living in Florida and Puerto Rico.

A few months later the Cuban press through Cubarte website informed that Delgado was returning for good to the Island and he was incorporated to the catalog of EGREM’s artists, thus initiating a new stage in his artistic career.  

The popular singer who left Cuba in 2006 received again or officially (with this term I’m trying to please the foreign and "free" press credited in Cuba) the warmth of his audience at a performance on December 14 last year in El Sauce cultural center, Havana.

Surely this July 19th, in Artemisa, Isaac will experience again that pleasant sensation of being home again, with his peers and hearing again the applauses of his people. These applauses don't represent a great deal of money, but they do lift the soul of the poorest of artists.

Cubasi Translation Staff/Amilkal Labaniño Valdés

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