Lang Lang and Chucho Valdés Will Perform Together in Cuba

Lang Lang and Chucho Valdés Will Perform Together in Cuba
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21 August 2015
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The New York Times describes Lang as the best classic artist in the planet, while Time magazine included him among the most influential 100 people in the world.

Many critics qualify the Chinese as "a hallucinating and very passionate virtuoso", that he has in common with the unique Cuban jazziest who has won eight Grammy Awards, born in Havana, city to which they dedicate their performance on occasion of the 500 years of its foundation.

Both met last year in Vienna, Austria and, by chance, according to what the organizer and cultural journalist, Eric Latzky told Prensa Latina.

Each one had a series of presentations of their own in the European city, they met for a short time and played some music together in private, then they decided they would like to make a show together, he said.

In Havana, music matters and we are close neighbors with lots of common cultural interests, assured Latzky, of U.S. nationality as other members of the production team of the concert, who stayed here for a few days to study the space in the Cathedral square.

That place located in the heart of the most ancient part of the city was selected as scenario of the concert and Latzky thanked the cooperation of the Cuban Institute of Music and its President Orlando Vistel, to carry out the event.

According to the cultural journalist, each artist already made his proposal of the themes they would like to play.

Now the U.S.conductor and violinist Marina Alsop should decide the definitive program, as during the concert in Havana, the present director of the Baltimore Symphonic Orchestra will lead Cuba's National Symphony Orchestra.

According to the Colombian press, Lang has opened the doors to people who used to think classic music as boring and have considered it later pure fun.

On his part, Dionisio de Jesús Valdés Rodríguez, known as Chucho Valdes, was registered in the Jazz Latino Hall of Fame in Los Angeles, United States, in 2000 and he has the Doctor Honoris Causa Title from universities in Canada, the United States and Cuba.

The New York Times proclaimed the Cuban in 2012 as the "Deacon of the Jazz Latino" and, taking into account the sound of the musical gender in Japan they are manufacturing pianos under the brand Chucho.

Latzky sees the union of these two greats of world music as a festive occasion and hopes that the Cuban people enjoys the present.

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