Cuban Dance Company towards the USA

Cuban Dance Company towards the USA
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23 May 2014
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Headed by Osnel Delgado, the company began in December 2013 with dancers from different places. They are now undertaking their first international tour with performances from May 27 to June 1, at The Joyce Theater, from New York.

The program includes old pieces such as Notas (Notes) and Homenaje al Benny (A tribute to Benny), but also their two most recent premieres, seen during the last two months in Havana stages: 24 horas y un perro (24 hours and a dog) and Why You Follow?

The piece 24 horas y un perro (24 hours and a dog), by Osnel Delgado, includes the music by piano player and composer Arturo O´Farrill, who will accompany the dancers with a live performance, with the Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble. Why You Follow? by US choreographer Ronald K. Brown, is some sort of entertainment that keeps movements as its main axis.

The director of MalPaso, is a former first dancer from the Danza Contemporanea de Cuba company, and he is one of the most current active young choreographers in Cuban dance. He has undertaken an intense creative work.

His piece, Anorexia, won a mention at the Alicia Alonso Iberian-American Choreography Contest, at the last Havana Ballet Festival.

Reaching The Joyce Theater from New York is his first entrance on an international arena with his project MalPaso. This event places the band within an important circuit in the international stage.

Translation: Karen López (Cubarte)

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