Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo MIlanes to work in an abum of Joan Manuel Serrat

Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo MIlanes to work in an abum of Joan Manuel Serrat
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17 March 2015
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With this album, the Spanish idol celebrates half century of his artistic life, along with other personalities of music as Alejandro Sanz, Estopa, Dulce Pontes, Calle 13, Joaquín Sabina, and Lolita Flores.

About this compilation, Serrat said the songs had been chosen according to his personal like with his voice at present.

They are not what it might be a historical account; I found it more interesting to make a personal selection among 600 songs included in my repertoire, so that some of them may be very curious, he stated on his official website.

In my compilation due to different reasons, I keep 11 previous recordings, among them the duets with Noa, Mina, Soledad Giménez, Mercedes Sosa, Miguel Ríos, Ana Belén, and Víctor Manuel.

He said to be very thankful with Cuban troubadours, since both demanded a lot of time and efforts from themselves for these recordings, especially Pablo Milanés, who collaborated with this project some days before being submitted to a surgical operation.

Silvio has done a wonderful version of Lucía I think; I was excited as he has taken an old song and put as much richness and simplicity to it as required, he said.

The album will be accompanied by a booklet with stories, incidents, secrets about his career and episodes of his life that will be illustrated with hundreds of photos.

Along with the presentation of Antología desordenada, Serrat will make an international tour of 100 concerts in twenty countries.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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