Political-cultural Gala for the 10th Anniversary of ALBA-TCP

Political-cultural Gala for the 10th Anniversary of ALBA-TCP
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15 December 2014
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At the Avellaneda Hall of Havana's National Theater, and in the presence of Army General Raul Castro, President of the Councils of State and Ministers and of the heads of state, government and delegations that attended the 13th ALBA-TCP Summit, renowned artists and groups rounded off that meeting with a luxury show.

Prior to the show, Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, and Evo Morales, President of the Multi-national State of Bolivia, addressed participants.

The two speakers expressed their satisfaction for the successful and fruitful meeting, in which the incorporation to the regional bloc of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Grenada was approved, and a Final Declaration reaffirming the principles of integration and cooperation between member nations, issued.

They also coincided in their gratitude to Cuba as world referent in terms of solidarity, and recalled the work and dedication of Commanders Fidel Castro, of Cuba, and Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela, for creating 10 years ago today such humanist bloc, for the benefit of peoples of the region.

The gala included a tour of a variety of musical rhythms and dances, representative of the art and culture of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, another beautiful present in such historic date, when also 20 years ago Fidel and Chavez met for the first time, an event that happened in Havana.

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