Authorities Destroy Anti-Racist Banksy Mural for Being ‘Racist’

Authorities Destroy Anti-Racist Banksy Mural for Being ‘Racist’
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2 October 2014
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One of the latest works by the British street artist known as Banksy was destroyed on Wednesday by Clacton-on-Sea authorities.

The local council explained they decided to erase the painting after they received a complaint claiming it was offensive and racist. The painting appeared this week.

Banksy’s work showed a group of pigeons carrying placards reading “Migrants not welcome,” “Go back to Africa” and “Keep off our worms” near a little exotic and green bird.

Local authorities also said that painting was "racist."

“The site was inspected by staff who agreed that it could be seen as offensive and it was removed this morning in line with our policy to remove this type of material within 48 hours,” said Nigel Brown, the communications manager for the council, to the BBC.

Trending District authorities, where Clacton-on-Sea is located, acknowledged they did not know that the painting was from Banksy and said they will not have any problems if the famous street artist goes back to town to paint.

Clacton-on-Sea is a coastal town frequented by tourists where residents will be voting on October 9 to elect their new MP.

The painting, according to The Telegraph, was worth around US$647,000.

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