Casa Award, Happy Pretext for Writers, Colombian Author Says

Casa Award, Happy Pretext for Writers, Colombian Author Says
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23 January 2017
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Havana, Jan 23 (Prensa Latina) The Casa de las Americas Award has created over the years an important bibliography and this is a happy pretext for writers who do not fit into the literary commercial circuit, Alberto Salcedo said.

For the Colombian narrator, who is a member of the jury in the 58th edition of the award organized by the Cuban institution, the contest appears as a launching platform for those who do not fit the editorial's establishment'.

'I read some few months ago one of the Casa Award winning books, a beautiful essay on music written by a Colombian, and I wondered: I would have been published it in one of the biggest publishing houses if he was not so well known at the time.'

Casa de las Americas has promoted talent, and at the same time -with the extensive bibliography generated over the years- has allowed us to recognize, understand and value ourselves, Salcedo said.

Being a juror, the word responsibility is a key, I understand that in my opinion important things are being played and I, as an author, would not like to be in the hands of a less responsible evaluator, he added.

For the moment, I am reading carefully, doing the task well, I received the jury appointment as an honor and I was very happy when they invited me, said Salcedo, who has been recognized for his journalistic chronicles.

The Casa Award activities return today to Havana after several days of deliberations by the jury in the south-central city of Cienfuegos.

The awarding ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, January 26th, at the Che Guevara hall, witness of that event during the 58th editions of this contest.

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