Barbados: Caribbean Countries Remembered Crime against Cuban Plane

Barbados: Caribbean Countries Remembered Crime against Cuban Plane
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6 October 2016
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On the 40th anniversary of the terrorist attack against a Cuban plane in Barbados, Caribbean countries have unveiled a monument on Wednesday at the embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Cuba, in remembrance of the victims of the crime.

During the event, sponsored by the aforementioned embassy, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the People, Caribbean diplomats to Cuba and officials and relatives of the victims remebered the wrecked Cubana de Aviacion's flight CU-455.

Cuban intellectual Ricardo Alarcon asserted that this homage was not a simple formality, but the commemoration of one of the most cruel acts of international State terrorism and a true attack against all Caribbean countries.

The Ambassador from Trinidad and Tobago to Cuba, Lancelot Cowie, urged Caribbean communities to join efforts to fight terrorism and prevent repetition of a similar act.

The monument by Cuban sculptor Frank Perez is dedicated to the victims of the incident perpetrated on October 6th, 1976, in which young people from Cuba, Guyana and North Korea died.

The Guyanese Ambassador to Cuba, Halim Majeed, expressed his intention that this initiative would serve as an example of the tight bonds between Cuba and his country and promised that the sculpture would be used to pay homage, each year, to those who died as a consequence of the terrorist action.

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