Cuba remembers terrorist act against steamship La Coubre

Cuba remembers terrorist act against steamship La Coubre
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4 March 2020
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Cuba remembers this Wednesday the 60th anniversary of the explosion of the French steamship La Coubre in the Port of Havana; an event denounced as one of the first warlike actions of the United States against the nascent Revolution.

The ship that came from the port of Antwerp in Belgium contained 31 tons of grenades and 44 tons of ammunition.

After a first explosion, another one followed when the aid corps, firefighters, and the revolutionary police assisted the victims of the first bast.

The final death toll was 101, including six French sailors and eight Spanish port workers. Four hundred people were injured or permanently disabled, and 82 children lost their parents.

At a mass funeral the day after the incident, Havana residents gathered at the intersection of 23rd and 12th Streets, near the Colon Cemetery, to say goodbye to the victims.

In front of the crowd, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, would bequeath the slogan of "Homeland or Death!

Data revealed by Fidel Castro proved the cooperation of United States government agencies in that terrorist action.

The action sought to boycott the supply of weapons and ammunition to Cuba and thus leaving the country defenseless in the face of growing hostility from the authorities in Washington.

Referring to the commemoration on Twitter, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said that the Caribbean nation resists the aggressions of the United States, including state terrorism.

The dignitary said that Cuba does not forget one of the saddest acts of State terrorism.

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