Esteban Lazo presides over State Council of Cuba

Esteban Lazo presides over State Council of Cuba
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21 February 2020
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The State Council of Cuba sessioned in February 20th, chaired by its president Esteban Lazo, and with the participation of President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero.

The body approved two decrees, in correspondence with the order of the day established by the National Assembly: one regulating the national system document and file management, and another one on the creation of the National Commission of Genetically Modified Organisms in Cuban agriculture.

It was also agreed to update all related to the organization and functioning of the work group that manages, coordinates and controls legislative activity.

An analysis of the organic regulation of the National Electoral Council was performed, thus complying with the dispositions of the current electoral law.

At the proposal of the Attorney General of the Republic, the State Council named new attorneys to that body.

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