Cuba's housing policy shows positive results

Cuba's housing policy shows positive results
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19 December 2019
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said today that the country shows tangible results in the first year of the implementation of the housing construction program, which, he said, will be perfected in the coming year.

'Let's go for more,' the head of state stated before legislators in Havana's International Conference Center, on referring to the ambitious plan that already shows encouraging progress in the country.

We are aware of our inadequacies, but this is a prioritized issue which we permanently monitor, there is a constant exchange with provincial governments and municipalities, Diaz-Canel explained on the second day of work prior to the Fourth Ordinary Session of the IX Legislature of the Cuban Parliament, to be held Friday and Saturday.

He explained that there were setbacks related to the production and transportation of cement, sand and gravel, fuel for the operation of factories and obtaining steel.

'We have to ensure,' the President stressed, 'that the housing construction plans in the current conditions of the country are adjusted to the needs of each territory.'

'We must have an objective vision in this program, because we cannot solve the problems accumulated in this sector in a single year,' the president concluded.

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