Diaz-Canel attends sessions of Parliament standing committees

Diaz-Canel attends sessions of Parliament standing committees
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18 December 2019
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The first day of sessions of the permanent working commissions of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP), began today at the Convention Center in Havana with the participation of President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

The Agrifood Commission will discuss the results of the control and supervision of the contracting process of agricultural production for 2020, and, along with that of Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment, will analyze the conclusions of the study of the application of science, technology and innovation in food production.

The Health and Sports and National Defence and Internal Order Commissions will receive an update on the country's epidemiological situation, especially the giant African land snail.

The parliamentarians will also learn about the results of the control and monitoring actions of self-employed workers who work as assistants for childcare, as well as those carried out in the territories to learn about the quality and impact of activities organized as part of the Recreation Program.

During this day, the Ministry of Energy and Mines will issue information on compliance with the measures taken at the country level to address the energy situation, and the Services Attention Commission will discuss the port-transport-internal economy chain, and compliance with Law 118 (on Foreign Investment) in different activities.

There will also be an assessment of the impact of traffic accidents on the economy and society during 2019 and the results of the measures taken to reduce them.

The Cuban president attends the Economic Affairs Commission that analyzes the estimated compliance with the 2019 economic plan and the 2020 Budget law, and is accompanied by Esteban Lazo, President of the ANPP and the State Council.

The Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commission will see the proposed legislative timetable presented to the ANPP by the Minister of Justice, and will include in its agenda the analysis of the proposed ruling on the Draft Law on Organization and Functioning of the ANPP and the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.

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