Minimum access and biliopancreatic afflictions at GastroCuba 2019

Minimum access and biliopancreatic afflictions at GastroCuba 2019
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22 October 2019
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The endoscopic treatment of biliopancreatic afflictions are on the table on Tuesday at the 7th International Congress, GastroCuba 2019, starting in Havana with the participation of specialists from about 10 countries.

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (CEPRE), as this technique is scientifically called, allows to treat problems in the bile ducts, tubes that carry bile from liver to gallbladder and small intestine, to treat stones, tumors or narrow areas of those ducts, Julian Ruiz, director of the National Minimum Access Center, said.

During the presentation of this techique with live cases, to which Prensa Latina had access, Ruiz explained that the procedure combines upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy and x-ray imaging.

This Cuban health institution, with more than 20-year experience in the country, has leading surgeons and doctors certified in the technique, who perform basic and advanced minimally invasive procedures.

Until October 25, specialists of this reference center in Cuba will show participants to the 7th International Congress of Gastroenterology other procedures to treat digestive diseases.

Specialists from Peru, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Cuba will also attend this event, at the Conference Center in Havana.

Parallel to the event are the 6th Hepatology and Liver Transplant Symposium and the 6th National Meeting of Pediatric Gastroenterology.

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