Uncertainty in US Electoral Process, says Cuban Analyst

Uncertainty in US Electoral Process, says Cuban Analyst
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6 September 2019
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Cuban analyst Ramon Sanchez-Parodi said that uncertainty persists in the US electoral process, and referred to the effects of President Donald Trump on the general policy of the northern country.

In the Culture and Nation space, held at the José Martí Cultural Society in Havana, the expert in international politics explained this environment is caused by the exacerbation of domestic problems and the disunity that prevails in the Democratic Party, main contender.

He also said the hegemonic policy of the US government is currently at a time of decline.

Sanchez-Parodi pointed out that U.S. public debt this year amounts to 22 trillion dollars, and, in that sense, he warned that the current crisis of that nation could reach an alarming situation.

'If you add to that figure, the indebtedness of the states and the population it increases to more than 70 trillion, which means a sighted impact on the economy,' he said.

He considered that Trump has not found any solution to the problems of U.S. society such as migration, armed violence, the environment and educational indebtedness; on the contrary, he said, it has exacerbated them even more.

Sánchez-Parodi added that in international politics the president abandoned multilateralism and therefore complicated relations to the point of confrontation with nations such as Russia, China, Iran, Germany, among others.

'This can encourage an opposite vote for his re-election if the Democratic Party manages to unite and do a rigorous job to capture voters,' he said.

Similarly, he referred to the lack of confidence of the electorate towards the Democratic and Republican parties, which, despite controlling US policy since 1965, have not resolved the evils that plague U.S. citizens.

He pointed out that another element to consider is the absence of a representative of the interests of the new generations among the applicants.

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