Cuban FM: US Conduct Threatens International Stability

Cuban FM: US Conduct Threatens International Stability
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21 August 2019
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Twitter that the policy of the United States Government poses a growing threat to international stability, as reported on the Foreign Ministry website.

According to the source, the head of Cuban diplomacy tweeted that the White House has taken actions against peace and security, as well as creating economic imbalance.

Rodriguez said that among the destabilizing moves of the Trump administration are unilateral coercive measures, interference in the internal affairs of States, denial of climate change and the implementation of a racist and discriminatory migration policy.

In Cuba's case, Washington's foreign policy has been characterized by the enforcement of the economic, commercial and financial blockade for nearly six decades, thus hindering the country's development.

That policy was tightened after the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which grants US citizens the possibility to file lawsuits in US courts against those who 'traffic' in 'confiscated properties,' while that authorization was extended to individuals who were not US citizens at the time of Cuba's nationalizations in 1959.

Likewise, US President Donald Trump's actions affect other States in the region, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In Venezuela, for example, Washington supported an attempt at imposing a government at the service of the United States through a coup d'état.

In addition, the Trump administration decreed an economic and financial blockade to strangle the Bolivarian nation and overthrow the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

According to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, a law and several executive decrees are aimed at appropriating the assets of the Bolivarian State abroad, particularly in the United States.

Washington's latest action against Caracas is Trump's suggestion to national security officials to station Navy ships along the Venezuelan coast to prevent the entry and exit of goods.

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