Iberostar to Remain in Cuba

Iberostar to Remain in Cuba
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25 June 2019
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Spain’s Hotel Group Iberostar ratifies today —while celebrating its 25th anniversary in Cuba— its strongest commitment to the development of Cuban tourism.

In times of new measures adopted by Donald Trump’s administration against the island, which tighten the U.S. blockade, international hotel companies around the globe have confirmed their interest in expanding Cuban destination.

Oscar Luis Gonzalez, Iberostar Global Marketing manager, praised the wise commitment of Fluxá family to Cuba 25 years ago, which is today ratified and strengthened, aiming at developing and expanding this tourist attraction.

To the group, the first 20 years in Cuba meant mutual development and cognizance. In the last five, both have experienced greater strategic involvement in the marketing, commercial, operational, and human resources departments.

Cuba has a privileged nature and safety, in addition to a rich culture and authenticity paired with the strength of a destination that makes it unique.

Managing the new luxury hotel Grand Packard in Havana means responsibility, confidence, and gratitude to the Iberostar Group, which plans to expand to the central and eastern side of the nation.

Iberostar operates 21 hotels in Cuba and envisions to reach 30 hotels by 2022.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSí Translation Staff

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