Cuba's President Ratifies Commitment to E-Government

Cuba's President Ratifies Commitment to E-Government
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18 December 2018
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel ratified Monday e-government as a priority for strengthening ties with the population and boosting Cuba's socioeconomic development.

The President, speaking at the National Assembly of People's Power's Service Attention Commission, stressed that this kind of management represents a key component of society's computerization, along with electronic commerce.

Diaz-Canel said that establishing e-government involves computerizing all processes and the presence of entities on the Internet, through websites and social media.

We expect to close this year a first step, consisting on the creation of digital websites of Central State Administration agencies, although not all of them offer immediate interaction opportunities with citizens, he said.

The head of state insisted on the importance of sites activated for e-government being updated, complying with good practices of computer platforms and ensuring positioning and exchange of criteria with the population, as well as facilitating future procedures.

The positioning issue is vital, when searching in Internet information on certain country issues or specific territories and subjects, it is not the manipulated or distorted information to be imposed, Diaz-Canel warned.

According to the Cuban president, in 2019 the country needs to take steps toward the other key aspect of the computerization of society, related to e-commerce.

Regarding social media, he said it is a space in which all revolutionaries must be present.

The social media constitute an ideological combat instrument against imperialism which tries to impose its values, or rather its anti-values, destroying people' identity, he stressed.

Diaz-Canel illustrated his comment with the battle in social media to explain the reality of Cuba's decision not to continue participating in Brazil's More Doctors program, in response to President Elect Jair Bolsonaro's threats and conditions.

We faced a lot of manipulation and scamming, but thanks to the struggle in social media the justice of our position was known, he said.

The Commission for Service Attention focused its debates Monday on the computerization of society, a session in which some 15 MPs took part, among them the Minister of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo.

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