President Moïse promises Haitian scholarship holders to travel to Cuba

President Moïse promises Haitian scholarship holders to travel to Cuba
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20 August 2018
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Friday at the National Palace President Jovenel Moïse received 23 young Haitian recipients of scholarships from the Cuban Government "They were ranked best in the competition, they come from all over the country and I wish them every success in their studies," said the Head of State, who promised to travel to Cuba to visit the young people of his country who study in the largest University of the West Indies.

The 23 students will begin their studies in September in different fields : medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, civil engineering, agronomy and medical technology, to return to the country in 60 months after graduating, to integrate into the communities that need their services and expertise.

These new scholars will join in Cuba, hundreds of Haitians currently studying and will add, we hope, 1,526 Haitians already graduated from Cuban universities

According to Moïse, Haiti needs specialists in biotechnology, construction, agriculture, public administration "the opportunities offered by Cuba will allow the socio-economic development of our Nation."

The Head of State also thanked Cuba for its collaboration in the construction of micro hydroelectric power stations in Haiti

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