Che Family Members Arrive in Bolivia for 50th Anniversary of His Death

Che Family Members Arrive in Bolivia for 50th Anniversary of His Death
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9 October 2017
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Arriving with Cuban Government Vice President Ramiro Valdes, Ernesto "Che" Guevara’s four children will be attending the events in homage to the fallen revolutionary on the 50th anniversary of his execution.

'Be Like Che': Cuba Observes 50th Anniversary of Revolutionary's Death

The ceremonies will also include Che’s younger brother Ramiro Guevara, Venezuelan Vice President Tarek el Aissami, Cuban ex-guerillas Harry Villegas and Leonardo Tamayo, both of whom fought alongside Che during the Cuban Revolution and in his last campaign in Bolivia.

Villegas told reporters that returning to Bolivia 50 years after Che's murder brought back a wave of "very strong memories." This will be Tamayo's fourth visit to the country.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who recently was compared to the Argentine revolutionary by activists around the world for their contributions to the socialist movement, will lead a procession to La Higuera, the town where Che was executed by the Bolivian military on Oct. 9, 1967, a day after being captured leading a guerrilla campaign in the South American country.

The ceremonies, which kicked off Oct. 5, have included debates, forums, films, cultural activities, as well as demonstrations from the arts and literary community, commemorating Che's memory and his contribution to Latin America.

Cuba Set to Launch Annual Festival of Latin American Culture

An inspiring ceremony held in Cuba early Sunday, led by President Raul Castro Ruz, paid homage to one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution and attracted over 600,000 people to his monument and mausoleum in Santa Clara.

In Ireland, a postage stamp was launched in honor of Che in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death.

Known for his passionate and honest nature, Che earned the rank of commander and played a pivotal role in the victory of the Cuban Revolution, leading a column of fighters in the crucial battle of Santa Clara.

He served as minister of economics and supervised a massive land reform process on the island before he decided to continue the guerrilla struggle in Bolivia aimed at overthrowing the right-wing military regime of Rene Barrientos

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